Doritos Tangy Ketchup and Doritos Hot Mustard

A red bag of Doritos Tangy Ketchup on the left and a yellow bag of Doritos Hot Mustard on the left. Both bags are laid upon a wooden background.

M.’s Review

Those who wait for numbers will WAIT.

Doritos Tangy Ketchup and Doritos Hot Mustard belong to each other the sweetness of the ketchup and the nostril-flare burn of the mustard means these chips are gay and in love and any attempt to deny them union results in too much sweetness, or too pungent a burn because grief hits us all differently what even is 2023?

Theodore’s Review

Rating: 12

Doritos TANGY KETCHUP and Doritos HOT MUSTARD individually provide acceptable flavor and superior sodium quantity. Moreover, they are GUARANTEED FRESH. However, when ketchup and mustard chips are combined, then the quality of flavor is greatly increased. Golly!


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