Lay’s Fries’n Gravy Patates sauce

A white countertop and a brown bag which reads: Lay's Fries'n Gravy Patates sauce

M’s Review

Potatofan78 has entered the chat

It’s weird – I like potatoes, quite a lot, actually, but I’m not particularly fond of potato chips. It’s the texture going instantly gluey at the first application of moisture (or saliva) that really gets to me. Potato chips mean I’m constantly scraping potato paint off of my teeth. This chip, in particular, tasted like fries and gravy. That’s not a bad flavor, but hardly worth the textural horror. 

Theodore’s Review

They are fried potato products that are flavored like another fried potato product. What do they taste like?

They taste like fried potato product.

But here is my question to you, friend (or enemy).

Is this vore?

Is this potato vore?

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