Fruity Pebbles Jell-O

Three pudding cups on a beige tiled counter. The one on the right is upright and shows Fred Flintstone jumping with a spoon. The two on the left are on their sides. One is filled with light blue pudding and one is filled with yellow pudding.

M.’s Review

If you look to me for some handy rating system to condense my review into a metric, you will be found wanting.

They make cereal candles these days by adding chemicals to some wax and if you light one what looks like a bowl of cereal will soon transform into a brown, burning slurry of wax and FDA-approved liquid colorants. I also ate this pudding.

Theodore’s Review

Rating: 8/10

It tastes like Fruity Pebbles, with strong hints of lemon-lime, but has the soft creamy texture of Jell-O pudding. You get exactly what you pay for! And boy howdy did I pay $3.99 for these. CONTAINS MILK.

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