Peeps Marshmallow Gingerbread Men

Two blue packages of gingerbread peeps on a mottled counter. The faces of the gingerbread peep men are smudged and lopsided as if they are screaming.

M.’s Review

These marshmallows are gendered and so am I

While these marshmallow gingerbread men all look vaguely horrifying because of the entirely impressionistic white sugar piping on their outsides, I assure you that they tasted delicious. The sugar coating the marshmallows smelled like a gingerbread candle, but was delightfully bright and cinnamon-y on the palate. I ate two of them, and aspire to put a third in a cup of hot cocoa in my near future.

Side note: is this implying that all men look vaguely horrifying but taste delicious? Is this snack a shitty metaphor?

Theodore’s Review

These little gingerbread men are A DELIGHT. Their little faces, locked in an eternal scream. The way the flesh marshmallow stretches and bends between my teeth. PERFECTION. You must have some for the holiday season.

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