Mini Soft Baked Cookies Lucky Charms

A dim brown background and and a bag which reads "soft baked cookies lucky charms." There is an image of thick cookies in the lower right of the bag, the Pillsbury mascot holding the Pillsbury logo in the bottom left, and a rainbow stripe across the top of the bag.

M’s Review

The names of these snacks are increasingly insensate noun collisions, but okay

So the weird part is that while these cookies taste okay – just a general mild vanilla marshmallow vibe all the way through – they are utter disappointments in presentation. When someone implies that they are shoving a bunch of Lucky Charms marshmallows inside of a cookie, I am both dismayed and invested. The fun shapes, the titular “lucky charms” that are intended to draw one in, are sadly reduced to mere grit here – textural speedbumps on the smooth road of manufactured blandness. This felt like a missed opportunity.

Theodore’s Review

Due to a recently discovered gluten intolerance, Theodore has excused himself from this exercise.

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