Jack Link’s Fritos Beef Jerky Fritos Chili Cheese Flavored

A brown background with a bag of Jack Link's jerky. The jerky bag reads Jack Link's Frito's Chili Cheese artificially flavored cheese beef jerky.

M’s Review

Legally they’re not allowed to say “cheese”, just “cheese flavored”

I’m kind of grateful that they didn’t actually use any dairy products to create this jerky, because I’m lactose intolerant, and I ended up consuming this fairly late at night. Was it good? Yes. I like the artificial chili cheese flavor that they used/currently use for Chili Cheese Flavored Fritos, and if that’s your jam, too, you’re in for a decent time. I also like that I didn’t have indigestion after eating this.

Theodore’s Review

It smells absolutely terrible, like rancid cheese powder mixed with blood. And if you are perhaps watering at the mouth because it reminds you of the good cheesy blood like your parents used to make in your childhood home—no. It is a wretched and cursed smell.

And yet it tastes delicious. It is the perfect cheesy-beefy blend. How do they achieve this?

And moreover it contains no dairy? The beef, however, is genuine.

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